How to stay in shape with a busy schedule.

If you have been following on my social media this past week, you already know that I’ve recently moved to Barcelona!! That’s why last week I didn’t post anything here, was super busy with the move and starting my YouTube channel!!

This is going to be a new adventure for me and I’m super excited for what’s to come in the upcoming moths :)

However, you know how moves are: long, busy and exhausting days… that often implies undereating, skipping sessions, skipping cardio, etc. For me this move has meant undereating a bit this week and skipping 2 gym sessions. Now, first off, let me start saying that you won’t get out of shape by skipping a couple of workouts and under/overeating a bit during a week. Yeah you’re gonna get bloated and you may gain a few pounds (because of the bloating) but it’s not going to be anything crazy so don’t go nuts about it.

That being said, if you are like me (member of the #teamnoexcuses lol) a move (or any other event that tightens up your schedule) is not an excuse to not stay on track. That’s why today I am going to tell you a few simple, yet effective, tips I use to stay dedicated even with a super busy schedule.


On the first day of my move (the busiest one) I woke up at 5 am so I could get my workout in and prep my meals. I was done by 8 am and I had the entire day to be focused on other stuff.

If you know when all the “busy life” is going to start, get up early and do what needs to get done first thing in the morning, this way you will make sure you don’t skip any gym sessions and that you will be eating what you are supposed to eat during the entire day. By the time your actual day starts, you will have already worked out and your nutrition will be on point, which will be a huge stress reliever during the rest of your day.

Don’t be lazy, get up and get sh*t done!


If waking up early you are in a hurry when working out anyways, just do shorter workouts. Not talking about squeezing your 2-hour workout into a 45 mins session, but rather doing the 45 mins version of your 2 hour workout.

What do I mean? Eliminate some exercises that you may include for accessory work, reduce sets, short rest periods, etc. How you do it actually depends on you, but just try to find ways to make your workouts shorter while keeping the intensity high.


I know some people don’t like to do it, but if you are on a busy schedule and making time to count macros is going to make things worse, just prep your meals (or at least a few) so you don’t have to be worried about what you are eating and what not. Not to mention that you won’t lose a single second thinking about what you should eat.

Prep your meals, bring them with you anywhere you go and stay on track!!!

You’re going to have everything ready every time you want to eat and you won’t be stressed about the macros of what you are eating. Meal prep and bring your food with you.


I am not a huge advocate of shakes and bars. I only have one protein shake a day and I rarely eat protein bars. However, I admit they can be very convenient if you are super busy so they may be a good option for you. Easy to prepare, easy to take with you and you got plenty of options so I’m sure you’ll find one that adapts to you perfectly.


It’s super easy to let yourself go with the flow and forget about drinking water. Therefore, its super easy to get bloated…

The number one reason why your body takes such a big hit when you are extremely busy is because you simply don’t drink enough water.

You just forget. You go with the flow, you go from one task to the next one, you are not paying attention to your water intake and you just forget about it. It’s totally normal.

The result? You get bloated.

Keep your water intake in mind and stay hydrated so you minimize water retention!! I know it can be kinda annoying at first but trust me, you and your body will thank me later.

Being on a busy schedule doesn’t necessarily mean you cant stay on track, it just means you have to work a bit harder to stay on it. Just be prepared and make sure you don’t use it as an excuse!!

That’s it for today’s post!! If you have any doubt, question, suggestion or constructive critic, please do not hesitate to let it in the comments section or use my social media.

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See you in the next one! :)