5 Essential biceps exercises

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

One of the biggest goals of every person that gets to the gym is building a pair of crazy looking biceps. Specially us dudes, we all want those mountain peak looking biceps we see on social media and bodybuilding competitions.

It is undeniable that well developed biceps are mandatory for an aesthetic physique. Everyone likes them. So, today I am bringing you my top 5 essential biceps exercises that EVERYONE should do.

Let’s get started!!


This one is the king in my opinion. One of the main benefits of this exercise is that it allows you to overload your biceps with heavier weights than with dumbbells. So, if you are looking to gain strength on your bis, this is the exercise to go.

One tip: even though most people go full range of motion with a full stretch at the bottom, I prefer not stretching the arms completely. I prefer to keep them a little bent so I can keep the tension on my biceps, and I make sure they are activated during the whole set.

Also, depending on the width of your grip, you will put more emphasis on the long head of your biceps (closer grip) or on the short head (wider grip)


Number one reason why I love this exercise? There is no room for cheating. Either you can lift the weight that you are trying to lift, or you don’t, but you can’t start swinging the weight. That brings me to the next point: you can’t ego lift with this one. So, make sure you grab a weight you can handle, execute the reps with absolutely great form and contract and squeeze on EVERY SINGLE REP.

It is a great exercise for isolating your biceps and creating that peak we all want. You can do it with a straight bar, Ez bar or dumbbells. All of them will get the job done


My favorite exercise for the long head. Any reverse grip curl puts more emphasis on the long head of your biceps, but in my opinion none of them get even close to this one.

The only “downside” I find with this exercise (and any reverse grip curl in general) is that it involves your forearms more than other exercises. In a way it is good, cause you get to work on your forearms too, but on the other way, it does not isolate your biceps completely. Other than that, best one for the long head.


If you want to completely destroy your short heads, this one is the way to go. As well as with the barbell curls, when you do dumbbell curls the wider the angle, the more emphasis you put on your short heads. And the fact that you are seated implies even more work for your biceps in order to lift the dumbbells.

If you want to get the most out of this exercise, I suggest you perform each rep with absolutely strict perfect form. Contract on ever rep, slow on the way down and fully stretch at the bottom. There aren’t many bicep exercises that will burn off your biceps as much as this one


If performed correctly, there are no secondary muscles involved during this exercise. This is 100% biceps work, which is basically the main reason why it is one of the best biceps exercises ever. Also, there is not much room for momentum so, once again, ego lifting is not an option here (of course, you could start swinging both your arm and leg around, but I guess you want to maximize your progress, so I am assuming that you won’t do it…)

There are different variations of the concentration curl, but in my opinion the best one is seated, just like you see in the picture.

Boom!! There you have it, the way to blast your biceps!! Now, when it comes to biceps training you don’t need to get super fancy. We all see some fancy and cool looking exercises all over social media. I get it, they are fun and cool, and of course you can do them. But my recommendation is that 80% of the time you stick to the basics, and leave the fancy stuff for the other 20% ;)

That’s it for today’s post!! If you have any doubt, question, suggestion or constructive critic, please do not hesitate to let it in the comments section or use my social media.

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See you in the next one! :)


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