Why you should take a multivitamin every day

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your body, and unless you follow a super varied (which is very hard to do), chances are you are not providing your body with enough amounts of all the micronutrients it needs

What’s more, even by following a diet varied enough to get all those necessary micronutrients, you would have to eat tremendous amounts of foods in order to provide your body with enough amounts of those micronutrients, which would only lead to an excess of calories which could imply diet imbalances, causing weight gain. That’s why multivitamins were created.

First off, I want to make clear that I am a huge advocate of getting most of the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet without having to buy supplements.

However, as I just said, that is something actually very complicate and, chances are, most of us have a lack of certain micronutrients. This lack of essential micronutrients often leads to a higher risk of suffering health diseases, it affects our performance (both physical and mental), our memory, our mood, our sleep and even causes hormones imbalances.

Here is when multivitamins come into place. Multivitaminsa re a great tool to maje sure you are providing your body with enough amounts of everything it needs.

If you know you are lacking one of two specific vitamins/minerals, you could just buy a supplement of those specific vitamins and that would be it. But if you are lacking a few more, I would recommend you consider getting a multivitamin supplement. Now, since there is no standard definition of what needs to be in a multivitamin supplement, you will find lots of different ones: from multivitamins with just a few vitamins and minerals (like 5 or 6), to others with more than 20.

Do some research, compare different brands and get the one that adapts best to your needs. Again, if you know you are lacking, let’s say 5 specific vitamins/minerals, try to find a supplement that contains only (or at least mostly) those vit/min you are lacking. Don’t go for the one with 40 different vitamins just because it has more… more is not always better ;)

The opinions on multivitamins are very different, as with anything in fitness. And, again, I am a huge advocate of getting everything you need form your diet, from real food. That being said I still thing that multivitamins are a great choice, and here is a few reasons why.

  • With food being more and more processed every day, food is not as whole as it once was so, it’s crucial we compensate it by consuming all the micronutrients our body needs in order to process all the artificial components foods now have.

  • By making sure you consume everything your body needs, you will keep your hormonal system balanced and under control.

  • Our lifestyles are becoming more and more stressful in today’s world, so it is crucial we provide our body with everything it needs to be able to handle all this stress and keep up with you without suffering consequences.

  • There is a huge variety of vitamins and minerals that come from a lot of different sources, which means that in order to get everything we need from our food we would have to eat a lot. By taking a multivitamin you are making sure you provide your body with the micronutrients it needs without having to consume 1000 extra calories.

And overall, by taking a multivitamin you are making sure that:

  • You’re providing your body with more than enough amounts of the micro nutrients it needs.

  • You ensure the presence of those essential nutrients that are so necessary for thousands of metabolic reactions

  • You’re correcting nutritional deficiencies

  • You’re optimizing your performance

  • You’re detoxifying your body

  • You’re helping reduce your stress levels

  • You’re taking care of your joints

  • You’re protecting your hair, nails and skin

Again, you don’t need a multivitamin with 40 different vitamins if you are only lacking vitamin D (for example). If that is your case, just get a vitamin D supplement and that’s it. But if you are lacking a good amount of different micronutrients, you should consider getting a multivitamin. However, I recommend you first talk to your doctor.

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